Rhea transports her listeners back to a golden age of music, when all a performer needed to entertain was a guitar and an exceptional voice. Her dulcet sounds have been described as reminiscent of the greats: the clear, perfect pitch of Ella; the raw attitude of Janice; infectious energy of Tina and the soul of her own personal divine being: Aretha. Her vocal style incorporates jazz, soul, gospel and blues with Rhea finding inspiration from singers such as Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Etta James, and Sam Cooke.
Rhea has played everywhere from the sandy shores of San Diego to all over New York City. Her venues have been bars to backyards, rooftops to restaurants, beaches to barns and lots of in between places. She readily engages her talents with a large circle of musical guests and performs with bands as well as solo. Her talents are diverse and unique. Since Rhea is also a sign language interpreter, it is not unusual to see songs signed as well as sung. She also lent her musical prowess to the creation of the theme song for an up and coming comedy show.

Rhea has an EP of original material produced by award winning engineer Sven-Erik Seaholm from 2008. After taking her show all over this great nation on an inspiring road tour, she released her second recording, "Number Two", in November of 2014 at Blue Chair Studio with engineer and co-producer Simeon Flick.  She has recently  independently released two original singles on all the streaming platforms, "Piñata" and "I'm Keeping That", and is currently working on collaborative writing and recording acoustically in her own home studio in Eucalyptus Hills, San Diego. 


"Rhea's voice is one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. I enjoy her music so much that when I was thinking about who to have sing the theme song for my show, Rhea Makiaris was the only name came to mind. Well, Celine Dion's name did too, but clearly we know the better of the two and I couldn't be prouder of all that Rhea is doing in her continually amazing musical endeavors." 

~John Massé

"If anything, Makiaris is versatile. She can put the shine and polish on a Broadway show tune or heft a boatload of soul into a Motown number. Her voice can be sweet, light, and agile as she caresses a sweet love song or earns comparisons to Bonnie Raitt when she raises the rafters with a barrelhouse blues."

~Paul Hormick

"Rhea insists that everyone has a 'power animal' they physically resemble, hers being a camel. However, if our power animals reflected musical ability rather than an oftentimes embarrassing bestial resemblance, Rhea would be a colorful tropical bird singing an elegant song with one of those dynamic, captivating voices that stop you in your tracks. She's been plying her soulful, bluesy, extroverted, Greek-talian R & B wares all over Manhattan, so look for Rheezy performing soon; you can't miss her, really, she's easy to find--she's a camel who sings like a bird."

~Simeon Flick

Her combination of raw talent, powerful vocals and genuine emotion gives me chills every time I hear her perform."

~Jenn Grinels