House Concerts for a Cause 

House concerts have always been my favorite kind of gig. They are an invitation-only musical performance in someone’s home or yard, presented by a host who does not profit from the event but provides a space for their favorite musicians. Hosts and artists agree these concerts are ideal because people have a chance to really enjoy and appreciate live music in a refreshing, intimate atmosphere. What a fun reason to gather your friends together! 

I’m excited to announce a newer twist on this type of event, turning your House Concert into a fund-raiser for the cause of your choice: House Concerts for a Cause! What an incredible way to combine an evening of music, at your home, with your friends and neighbors, while raising money for a cause that matters to you. 

My idea for these community concerts here in San Diego kicked off officially in May of 2022 and what a phenomenal success it was! We raised $15,000 for a local nonprofit MARA Rescue sanctuary, going above and beyond our original goal. 

When the community comes together amazing things are accomplished. As one of my friends said that night, "This makes you think... what else is possible?" 

Who's next? What cause would you like to support?