Rhea and the Octopus 20 Year Reunion Show

House Concert, Cardiff by the Sea

Twenty years ago, I walked into an open mic at Miracles Cafe in Cardiff by the Sea and met my best buds and bandmates Mike and Eric. A few years later, we had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Simeon Flick who completed the eight arms of “Rhea and the Octopus” 🐙! What makes us so unique (among other things) is that we are a band of four lead singers and the harmonies are off the hook! We've not only been playing music and developing ourselves as musicians, we've also grown remarkable friendships: we are like family. So, we have a TON of fun when we play. I’d like to invite you to our very special 20 year reunion house concert. What you can expect when we play together is harmony, magic, connection and fun! (and probably goosebumps) House Concert in Cardiff by the Sea (with a killer deck and ocean view) Saturday, December 11 Doors open 3 PM, Music starts 4 PM Suggested Donation $20

RSVP to heyrhea@gmail.com and I will get you all the details!