“Your rewards in life are always in direct proportion to your contribution – your service.”” - Earl Nightingale

Rhea Makiaris is an East Coast bred, West Coast raised musical sensation. With a natural ear for music and knack for picking up instruments, she is a self-taught luminous troubador with a honey voice and she transports her listeners back to a golden age of music, when all a performer needed to entertain was a guitar and an exceptional voice.

A musical artist and visionary, Rhea started “Concert For Your Cause”, an effort creating intimate personalized concerts, raising funds for multiple causes. Her aim is to spread the combination of entertainment and contribution. 


“A true artist and entertainer, Rhea’s singular, soulful, powerful voice can bring you to tears, but her effervescent personality, radiant energy, and witty lyrics can just as easily make you laugh.” – Jenn Grinels (APCA Best Female Solo Artist)


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Rhea has already served the American Deaf community as an ASL interpreter for over two decades, while simultaneously performing musically to over 20,000 people on 100+ stages, including iconic venues such as The House of Blues, The Belly Up, and the Lucidity Festival. As a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and avid collaborator, Makiaris is an inspirational sensation taking on a career as business owner,  a keynote speaker and elite performer.

Her latest project “Concert for Your Cause” connects hosts with musicians, vendors, promotional resources and whatever is needed to host a remarkable and prosperous event. 


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